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USA Rings in the New Year with New Training for 2015

ATLANTA – December 31, 2014 – U.S. Security Associates (USA) is starting off the New Year with further enhancements to a security officer training program that has won worldwide awards and recognition over the last decade. In the past year alone, well-trained USA security officers have made headlines for safely evacuating a Baltimore television station under siege, saving a baby locked inside a vehicle in the South Carolina heat, and performing lifesaving CPR on a heart attack victim in Boston. Building on the positive momentum, the security company has a new lineup of courses and programs ready for launch in January.

Safety training and anti-terrorism training are two areas where USA is beefing up its curriculum for 2015. To meet evolving regulatory requirements and OSHA standards, USA is expanding its mandatory security officer basic training program to incorporate comprehensive, up-to-date safety training. The 2015 Workplace Safety Unit covers all aspects of site safety, giving personnel a strong foundation of knowledge covering safety hazards, protocol, and reporting. With security officer basic training and safety training rolled into one streamlined curriculum, USA managers can start delivering client-specific, site-specific safety training the first day a new security officer reports for duty at the client site.

In addition to building safety content into the security officer basic training curriculum, USA Security Academy is introducing new, advanced safety material for 2015 as well. At client properties across the nation, the company is rolling out specialized safety training custom-developed for industrial and manufacturing locations, refineries, and other strictly regulated sites. Thanks to the company's ability to mold safety training to meet special needs, USA consistently earns experience modification rates (EMRs) that are a mere fraction of the security industry average of 1.0.

USA also has new anti-terrorism courses in its training library of hundreds of courses developed to meet security officer training needs in a wide range of industries and settings. The Anti-Terrorism segment of USA's security officer basic training program has been refreshed to include mitigation tactics for current threats like ISIS and "lone wolf" attackers. A new Advanced Anti-Terrorism course for officers assigned to large, higher-risk sites is also available. Originally developed for one of the nation's largest retail chains, the course has been adapted to address potential threats to public venues. Beginning in 2015, all officers assigned to retail locations and other high-traffic sites will complete the 8-hour course.

"We are continuously evaluating needs and goals and implementing strategic improvements to drive our officers and our organization to peak performance," says USA Training Manager Robert Lowrey. History suggests that the approach works. Just last month, Training magazine announced that for the ninth consecutive year, USA is ranked among the Training Top 125 – "the global elite" in employer-sponsored training and development programs.

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