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U.S. Security Associates Exec Attends Inaugural RANE Conference

ATLANTA – November 12, 2014 – Risk Assitance Network + Exchange (RANE) held its Inaugural Conference on November 14 in Washington, D.C., with an ensemble of leading risk experts from diverse sectors and professions in attendance. U.S. Security Associates, a national security company and international leader in security consulting and risk management, is one of many organizations that attended the conference.  

The event was held at the George Washington University Elliott School for International Affairs, in partnership with George Washington University's Homeland Security Policy Institute and University of Pennsylvania's Knowledge@Wharton. Focusing on "Shared Risks, Shared Solutions: Finding the Leading Risk Expertise in an Interconnected World," the conference covered a range of hot topics, from cyber security and climate change to geopolitical threats, pandemics, and mental illness and workplace/campus violence.

Among the speakers and panelists were a former deputy director of the FBI, former director of the United States Secret Service, former secretary of homeland security, former deputy national security advisor, and former police commissioner of Boston. Other conference speakers included risk experts from the Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center, the Harvard Institute of Politics, and the George Washington Homeland Security Policy Institute, along with present and past senior security and asset management executives from Goldman Sachs.

Brian Dooling, Vice President of Marketing for U.S. Security Associates, is glad to see RANE tackling the silo approach to risk management. "RANE is bringing together expertise and knowledge across subjects, sectors, professions, and geography," Dooling says. He draws a parallel between what RANE is doing and what U.S. Security Associates is doing for clients through an in-house team of risk experts with diverse knowledge and experience. "Over the years, we have expanded our core capabilities and resources beyond uniformed security services," Dooling explains. "Through our Consulting and Investigations division, we employ many of today's top minds across a broad spectrum of security and enterprise risk management concerns. With one call to U.S. Security Associates, clients are dialed into a network of security professionals who can help them implement a multi-disciplinary approach to risk management."

About The Rane Shared Risks, Shared Solutions Conference Series

RANE connects enterprises and organizations with the largest independent and unbiased network of risk experts in a single community that transcends institutional and individual boundaries. Shared Risks, Shared Solutions is the first in a series of RANE knowledge sharing events that brings together a diverse group of leading minds across industry, academia, government and non-profits to facilitate a multi-disciplinary approach to today's most pressing risks.

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