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USA Honors Supervisor Anita Wilson, "Saving Grace" at WMAR ABC2

ATLANTA – August 13, 2014 – U.S. Security Associates (USA) announces award of a Certificate of Achievement to Security Supervisor Anita Wilson for her actions when a man plowed a stolen dump truck into the news station lobby where she was on duty. In addition to security company recognition, Wilson earned accolades for her performance from the WMAR ABC Channel 2 news staff and the Baltimore County Police Chief.

Wilson observed a man approaching the news station building on foot and attempting to enter without signing in at the security desk. As the man yelled that he was "God" and yanked at the locked entry doors trying to force his way inside, Officer Wilson followed her security officer training and called 911.

The man retreated and returned moments later driving a stolen Ford F550 truck. He rammed the vehicle into the front of the building where Wilson sits, knocking her desk off its hinges. Wilson moved swiftly to evacuate staff members through the back door of the newsroom as the truck came crashing through the front lobby doors.

Officer Wilson was commended for her quick actions by Baltimore County Police Chief Jim Johnson at a press conference later that day. ABC News Anchor Kelly Swoope introduced the story on live news coverage with these words: "Our saving grace here at ABC2 was our receptionist security guard at the front door, Anita. She was here to keep us all safe."

ABC News Reporter Cheryl Conner also praised Officer Wilson. "She went by her training. She knew when that guy made it through the first door not to let him in in the first place. She knew to call 911. When that truck started coming through, she screamed, and she got all of us out of the building."

USA's Eastern States Vice President Pat McNulty applauds Wilson's performance, noting, "Supervisor Wilson's poise and professionalism during this crisis proves that security officer training really does pay off." USA has been recognized among the Top 125 training companies in the world by Training magazine for eight consecutive years, and the security company is also a repeat winner of ASTD Best awards from the American Society for Training & Development.

According to McNulty, training is an important part of USA's strategy to retain top security officer talent in an industry known for high turnover. He points to performance incentives as another key retention driver. "We are pleased to reward Supervisor Wilson with a bonus and a Certificate of Achievement, and we are delighted ABC2 is matching our bonus. By recognizing and rewarding officers for their accomplishments, we keep employee turnover well below the industry average and deliver clients the benefits of stability and longevity in their security programs."

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