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USA Security Officer Training Saves Lives

ATLANTA – June 5, 2014 – Training paid off for U.S. Security Associates (USA) in the first quarter of 2014, when security officers from coast to coast faced life-threatening medical emergencies in the line of duty. USA invests heavily in security officer training to prepare personnel for threats and situations they may encounter in their line of work. In recent months, USA's investment in award-winning training programs proved more than worthwhile as officers of the security company coped with medical crises ranging from choking to heart attack to stroke.

Last month in Portsmouth, N.H., when a contractor complaining of illness was helped to the security desk at a data center, the USA supervisor on duty immediately recognized the contractor's symptoms as signs of a stroke. The supervisor began administering care as a fellow officer called 911 and coordinated EMT dispatch to the scene. Following medical treatment, the contractor is now recuperating at home.

In Boston, a USA security officer was on duty at an apartment community when a tenant rushed to the front desk with a baby in her arms. The panicked mother told the officer that her daughter could not breathe. The officer sprang into action and began performing the Heimlich maneuver on the infant. Under his ministrations, a small toy was dislodged from the baby's airway, restoring her ability to breathe. The relieved mother and baby visited the local children's hospital for follow-up care, confirming that the baby sustained no lasting damage, thanks to the officer's quick response.

When a worker in a Palo Alto, Calif. IT service center collapsed on the job, his coworkers called 9-1-1 and summoned help from USA security on site. The USA supervisor arrived first on the scene and found the victim unconscious, not breathing, and with no signs of a pulse.  He immediately began CPR, deployed the building automatic external defibrillator (AED), and continued rendering first aid to the victim until emergency crews arrived and took over. The victim was eventually transported by ambulance to the hospital for further treatment. According to the emergency responders, the USA supervisor's quick rendering of CPR and AED saved the victim's life.

Joe Arwady, President of USA's Northern Division, applauds these officers for demonstrating the kind of training recall, sound judgment, and poise under pressure that save lives. "We have recognized each of these heroic officers with a U.S. Security Associates Distinguished Service Award," Arwady says. "From awards ceremonies to email "raves" to newsletter coverage that reaches thousands of employees, we strive to express the extent of our gratitude toward these officers for their courage, swift action, and flawless execution of training."

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