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Erie Security Officers Save Lives in Show of Brotherhood

ATLANTA – February 12, 2014 – A recently averted tragedy in Erie, Pennsylvania is a heartening display of the natural brotherhood that exists among the best security officers. The incident involved two security officers, one armed officer contracted by the federal government, and one unarmed officer employed by U.S. Security Associates (USA), a private security company.

Both officers were on duty at a federal building housing public assistance agencies and FBI and Border Patrol offices, when they received a distress call from a building occupant. The security officers arrived at the scene to find a distraught man wielding a gun and lighter, dousing himself in lighter fluid. With non-violent crisis intervention skills learned in security officer training, the USA officer successfully convinced the man to relinquish his weapon and lighter. The federal officer then handcuffed the individual and kept him under watch until law enforcement could take over. In the meantime, the USA officer coordinated evacuation of the office.

In a largely unregulated industry where minimum wages and mediocre training have helped give "security guards" a bad name, the teamwork of these two officers demonstrates the best of security services – a brotherhood of security officers who share a commitment to the ideals of their profession. Although employed by different security companies, these two officers united to face danger with courage, diffuse a volatile situation with respect and compassion, and honor their mission to protect lives and assets. 

In a further show of camaraderie following the incident, the federal officer sent a letter of commendation to the General Services Administration (GSA) and USA management, recognizing and honoring the USA officer for placing himself in harm's way.

This characteristic solidarity and brotherhood makes the security field attractive to many men and women who have had successful careers in the military or law enforcement; it's an easy transition for people who are accustomed to sharing a bond of professional commitment with people from every walk of life.

At U.S. Security Associates, security officer training kicks off with a message from the company's President and CEO, Chuck Schneider, welcoming new employees to "the honorable security profession." Ultimately, the honorability of the profession is a reflection of the teamwork and commitment of security officers everywhere and the standards and integrity of the companies that select, train, and manage them.

John Skladanowski, Branch Manager in Erie, is quick to praise, "Under pressure, these officers demonstrated courage, respect, and honor –principles on which U.S. Security Associates was founded and a fitting credo for the security profession as a whole. Certainly their performance reflects favorably on the GSA and USA, but we are all part of a larger brotherhood of security professionals. These officers reflect well on us all."

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