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U.S. Security Associates Commends Officer Heroes of 2013

ATLANTA – January 30, 2014 – Every year, U.S. Security Associates (USA), a national security company with over 50,000 employees, recognizes security officers who prove their mettle and often exceed the call of duty to protect lives and property on and off the job. As organizations everywhere close the book on 2013, U.S. Security Associates revisits the stories of some security officer heroes of this past year.

Near Beaumont, Texas, two USA security officers working in an offshore natural gas facility were monitoring the water surrounding the property during a severe storm. Catching sight of something unusual in the choppy water, the officers used the closed-circuit television system to discover a family in distress, struggling to keep their waterlogged fishing boat from capsizing. The security officers immediately summoned help from the U.S. Coast Guard and the county sheriff's marine division. Emergency personnel from both agencies arrived within minutes and pulled the family safely to shore. The vigilance and fast action of USA officers enabled emergency responders to intervene in time to prevent tragedy.

In another tale of heroism, in Jacksonville, Florida, a USA security officer walking to work witnessed an auto collision that sent one vehicle careening into a retention pond bordering the road. Without hesitation, the officer sprang into action, enlisting the help of a fellow witness and plunging into the pond to pull the passengers from the car. After helping the driver and her four-year-old son safely to the bank of the pond, the officer called emergency services and remained with the stunned crash victims until they could be transported to the hospital for evaluation. Through a combination of sound judgment, fast reflexes, and effective communication, the officer coordinated the necessary help and took lifesaving action.

In Denver, Colorado, USA security officers put their medical crisis training to the test when an elderly zoo visitor suffered a seizure and fell face-first to the ground, sustaining a severe head injury. Nearby USA officers hurried to the victim's aid. One officer attended to the woman, protecting her head from further injury as the seizure continued, while another officer rushed for supplies and called 911. Through teamwork and the clarity afforded by their security officer training, the USA officers were able to confidently administer critical first aid for the victim while relieving her family with the knowledge that she was in capable, compassionate hands until emergency medical technicians could take over.

Many choose security service careers out of a drive to help others and make a difference in their communities. USA targets these individuals for recruiting, and USA Security Academy training instills the skill sets and confidence that can transform good intentions into heroic action. Laura Wahlbom, Security Academy Administrator, agrees. "Our security officer training equips our employees to act fast in a time of need, and their selflessness often takes them beyond the call of duty. Their acts of courage highlight the caliber of officer that we are proud to employ."

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