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U.S. Security Associates Shuts Down Shoplifters with its Loss Prevention Program

ATLANTA – January 23, 2014 – In 2013, U.S. Security Associates (USA) Loss Prevention Associates made over 25,000 successful apprehensions and effectively assisted in reducing shrink for retail customers nationwide. Every day, details reported by USA's Retail Loss Prevention Associates help lead to the identification and arrest of individual shoplifters and ones associated with Organized Retail Crime (ORC) rings.
USA's Retail Loss Prevention (LP) Services are developed to meet the shoplifting and theft prevention needs of the retail community and reduce shrink for clients. Among its suite of services, the LP Division provides uniformed retail security officers, store greeters and specially trained Loss Prevention Associates. In contrast to traditional, uniformed security officers, USA's LP Associates work in plain clothes and covertly observe the behavior and actions of visitors to collect sufficient evidence to warrant intervention. LP Associates preserve the inviting atmosphere maintained by retail customer service personnel while performing a security service that is critical to the continued viability and improved expense control of retail businesses.

Safety is top priority in Loss Prevention operations. USA provides comprehensive training in policies and procedures developed to prevent loss without unnecessarily endangering USA employees or others. By training LP Associates not to chase or touch the suspects they detain, USA minimizes the potential for accidental injuries or violence. As additional incentive for LP Associates and security officers to adhere to established safety practices, USA has implemented a company-wide safety bonus program for security service professionals spotted working safely by fellow employees, clients, or supervisors.

While dedicated LP Associates may be loath to let a suspected shoplifter leave a retail location, LP Associates are often instrumental in bringing a criminal to justice nonetheless. Recently in Tallahassee, an Associate working at a large, national retail store observed a customer shoplifting and maintained a discreet surveillance, collecting the necessary evidence to apprehend the suspect upon exit. Once confronted by the LP Associate, however, the suspect fled. The LP Associate exercised restraint and, in keeping with safety policy, remained on the sidewalk and diligently recorded details of the suspect's appearance, vehicle, and license number.

The suspect was involved in several other reported thefts from retail locations. Upon arrest, the individual was linked to a string of recent retail crimes, and approximately $5,000 worth of merchandise was recovered. The USA LP Associate's evidence, description of the suspect, and testimony proved ultimately critical to the arrest and prosecution.

Terry Faircloth, Vice President of USA's Retail Loss Prevention Services Division, attributes the program's success to supervision, training, and dedication. "Our Associates are strongly motivated to protect our clients and precision-trained to follow procedures that support safety and loss prevention goals. Day in and day out, these Associates demonstrate the effectiveness of their training, and we are proud of their achievements."

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