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U.S. Security Associates Introduces Active Shooter Program as
Critical Element of Next-Gen Crisis Management Planning

ATLANTA – July 18, 2013 – U.S. Security Associates (USA) is helping clients implement a next-generation approach to crisis management planning that encompasses workplace violence prevention and active shooter programs. For many organizations and corporations, as well as medical health facilities, school districts, universities and private schools, the paradigm has already shifted to include solutions to prevent violence in the workplace. More than a million incidents of workplace violence are reported every year in the United States, ranging from threats and stalking to property damage, assaults and homicide; violence in the workplace costs American businesses tens of billions of dollars every year. Because violence is rarely spontaneous and incidents are often preceded by danger signs, prevention efforts have the potential to make a significant difference.

As one of the largest security companies delivering broad-spectrum security solutions, USA develops workplace violence prevention programs and delivers live group training for many Fortune 1000 companies and large institutions. The company's consulting and investigations professionals field hundreds of requests for expert threat assessments every year. USA also offers programs focused on the ultimate workplace violence event – an active shooter. Active shooter incidents are rare and unlikely, but the resulting loss of life, psychological devastation and media attention make an active shooter program an imperative part of a successful workplace violence prevention program.

The key to the "next-gen" approach is the inclusion of active shooter and workplace violence prevention solutions as an extension of an organization's current crisis prevention, security and safety management plans. These programs are woven seamlessly into existing systems that address prevention, response and recovery so that the organization is not "reinventing the wheel" and plans in place are utilized for maximum response. With this approach, considerations extend beyond tactical defense to include broader concepts that are essential to the development of a comprehensive plan and effective risk mitigation, including engagement of the law enforcement and emergency response community. USA also ensures compliance with guidelines outlined by OSHA and the National Standard to lessen liability issues.

"We are focused on implementing pre-emptive solutions, not ambulance chasing. Until active shooter programs become more mainstream, we can even accommodate clients who are more comfortable introducing preparedness concepts by other names," acknowledges Ray O'Hara, CPP, Executive Vice President of USA's Consulting and Investigations division. "As dynamics continue to shift, we anticipate that the active shooter component of workplace violence prevention will cease to raise red flags or trigger alarm among workers but instead will become routine and commonplace, in the way of fire drills and pre-flight safety information."

With most violent incidents lasting only minutes, workers and the general public are often responsible by default for their own security and safety. Violence frequently erupts and is over by the time law enforcement or security officers arrive on scene. Employers who accept their fiduciary duty to foster awareness of behaviors of concern, encourage preventive action and rehearse response scenarios are developing a generation of workers with good survival instincts. Moving forward, as more school districts, universities, medical health facilities and other organizations embrace the need to incorporate comprehensive violence prevention, response and recovery into overall corporate planning, the collective result will be a public that is better prepared to mitigate losses from unexpected violence.

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