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California Threat Assessment Professionals Sharpen Their Skills in the
Application of Risk Analysis Principles to Potential Active Shooters

ATLANTA – February 27, 2013 – Last week, Dr. Michael Corcoran of the Workthreat Group delivered a timely presentation on threat assessment and the potential active shooter to a California audience of law enforcement personnel, corporate security experts, and others involved in threat and violence risk assessment. Dr. Corcoran's presentation at the Northern California chapter meeting of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals focused on principles for evaluating the risk of violence based on a potential active shooter's temperament.

Dr. Corcoran is one of the world's foremost authorities in identifying and handling potentially violent subjects. He acquired his Ph.D. in Behavioral Science during his tenure with the Secret Service, where he was entrusted with assessing threats against U.S. Presidents, Vice Presidents and numerous foreign dignitaries. Now retired from the Secret Service, Dr. Corcoran is in demand as an international speaker and expert witness and routinely conducts threat assessments and workplace violence training in association with U.S. Security Associates (USA).

More and more organizations are turning to USA for these kinds of solutions as national standards, federal regulations and professional guidelines evolve with respect to workplace violence prevention. USA's Consulting and Investigations team develops comprehensive, regulatory agency compliant workplace violence prevention programs that meet OSHA Directives and the recently approved ASIS/SHRM ANSI Standard, which also includes client-customized training curricula, procedural material and documentation formats. The intent is to arm the client with the tools, resources and knowledge to operate a successful, stand-alone program, while providing an ongoing, around-the-clock safety net of on-call consultants. USA's experts are consulted hundreds of times every year to assess risks of potential violence and manage real, live threats, enabling them to deliver training and expertise in tune with the scenarios that are unfolding in today's workplaces.

Ray O'Hara, CPP, Executive Vice President of USA's Consulting and Investigations division, is the primary point of contact for clients with workplace violence prevention concerns. "I perform the security version of triage when clients call for assistance, either by directly resolving concerns, bringing in Dr. Corcoran to assess the threat, or coordinating with operations leadership to put security officers on the ground to intervene. With Dr. Corcoran and our resources as a national security company, we are uniquely capable of providing expert advice and 24/7 support on developing issues and threats, including psychological consult and direct intervention as needed."

Dr. Corcoran comments, "In 2012, gun violence fractured illusions of safety in places Americans typically feel safe – schools, theaters, malls. With gun violence already in the public eye again in 2013, we are getting more and more urgent requests for threat assessments in a matter of hours, not days. Relying on proven principles and experience, we can rapidly determine an individual's true potential for violence in a given environment with decisiveness, not guesswork. To date, we can safely say all our assessments and evaluations have been successful, as we have had no incidences in any organization for which we have provided workplace violence services and training."

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