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U.S. Security Associates' Emergency Response Teams Provide Vital Support for Clients and Communities in Crisis

ATLANTA, Georgia – November 21, 2012 – Now that the storm waters from Hurricane Sandy have receded, the accolades are flooding in for U.S. Security Associates employees who performed heroic acts and faithfully protected client assets under dangerous conditions. These stories demonstrate how effective emergency response from private security providers can reduce losses, avert tragedy, and expedite recovery from devastating events.

In New Jersey, a man who could not swim was trapped on the roof of a building. A U.S. Security Associates operations manager stripped off his clothes and plunged into the rising water to save the individual's life.

At a multi-tenant building nearby, evacuated occupants were forced to leave their businesses unlocked and vulnerable to theft and vandalism, because the power outage had disabled the building's electronic door locking mechanisms. A U.S. Security Associates supervisor was posted to protect a client's office space on the fourth floor. Just one floor away, a business that failed to put security in place was robbed of multiple computers.

With businesses and individuals throughout the Northeast desperate for power, 35 bank branch locations became targets for theft when they installed emergency generators. U.S. Security Associates responded swiftly to the bank's request for emergency protection, moving with urgency to establish an around-the-clock security presence at every branch location.

The storm's destruction left three Northeastern utility companies mustering every available resource to repair damages. U.S. Security Associates provided over 3,000 hours of emergency coverage, enabling these firms to concentrate their manpower and effort on restoring power for hundreds of communities and millions of customers.

In all, 750 U.S. Security Associates security officers supported clients with 24/7 emergency response services throughout the storm-impacted region. Emergency teams successfully established staging areas and shelter and coped with challenges posed by an extreme fuel shortage, lack of power and limited communication. By engaging U.S. Security Associates' emergency response teams, clients reduced their own risks while increasing the capacity of public agencies to meet community needs with available resources.

As a national security services firm that specializes in emergency response, U.S. Security Associates maintains a force of 150 specially-trained Emergency Response Team security officers who can be deployed within 8 hours anywhere in the continental United States. The company also has 100 off-duty or retired police officers available for immediate deployment. A retired U.S. military police colonel leads major response deployments, and a standing corporate task force manages logistical support, state security officer licensing, communications equipment and other details. When disasters and emergencies strike, U.S. Security Associates stands ready to respond.

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