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A Message from Our President & CEO, Richard Wyckoff

Through the first few months of the year, I am pleased to report that we are on-track compared to our business objectives. With your continued commitment and dedication, I expect that we will have another positive year of GROWTH within our company.

Our vision is to be the industry leader in client satisfaction, innovation-driven growth, and being an employer of choice within the communities we serve. This is what should drive each of our daily priorities towards continuous improvement.
However, in today's competitive marketplace, being a little better every day is just the price of admission. As team members, we each have an individual accounta-bility to deliver on our commitments in order to create VALUE for our clients.

While our business at times can be highly challenging and complex, the out-comes for our clients are fairly simple. By reducing incidents, solving a safety or security need, communicating meaningful insights, or just by being helpful and friendly, we are able to create VALUE. And when we create VALUE for our clients we are able to GROW as a company.
This simple formula is the key to our continued success: VALUE=GROWTH. Stat-ed another way, our company GROWTH is totally dependent upon our ability to create VALUE for our clients....

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