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How Can I Make a Positive Impact Today?

Written by Richard Wyckoff, CEO

In the business world, as is in life, a positive attitude and a commitment to act are really important. Whether I am getting up early to help get the kids to school, or to go to the gym or work, my motivation to accomplish the task at hand starts with my mind-set. Admittedly, sometimes when the wake-up alarm clock goes off, I do have a brief moment of pause. Then I refocus on my objectives and their desired outcomes and I propel myself forward.

Previously, I have shared our company vision statement, but it is worth repeating again so everyone is reminded: "To be the industry leader in client satisfaction, innovation-driven expansion of safety, security, and managed services, and to be recognized as an outstanding employer of choice within the communities we serve." Moving to this next level as a company also requires a new mind-set and a willingness to change. Good enough does not suffice as the standard when the goal is to be the industry leader in client satisfaction. Innovation driven expansion cannot be accomplished by doing the same things the same way. Finally, being an employer of choice requires a renewed commitment to employee development, training and recognition...

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