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2013 Q1 Post - Lead Story - 2013 Winner's Circle

Every year, U.S. Security Associates is proud to host Winner's Circle in order to honor associates that have made significant contributions in going above and beyond their normal work responsibilities. The 8th annual Winner's Circle Ceremony was held on March 22nd, 2013 at the Evergreen Marriott at Stone Mountain. Winners were recognized in several categories, such as Outstanding Security Officers, Outstanding Supervisors, Outstanding Staff Members, Outstanding Branch Office Performance, Outstanding Sales Production, Outstanding Business Unit Performance. Winners were not only honored at a the formal black-tie ceremony, but were also celebrated at the event's "Casino Night" on Saturday, March 23rd. Aside from the celebratory dinners, honorees were able to take part in golfing on award winning greens, receiving luxurious spa treatments, and participating in a wide variety of activities in the Stone Mountain area.

Chuck Schneider commented, "The Winner's Circle is a very special event. Not only for the outstanding performances that we recognize throughout the weekend, but because we celebrate the success of our company, which every individual here has played a role in creating. We built this company security officer-by-security officer, branch-by-branch, until we are now the 4th largest uniformed security company in the country and clearly the ‘best in the business'. The other reason the Winner's Circle awards are very special, is because they portray the best picture of ‘what we are, and what we want to be as a company'– our values, our goals, our heroes and the performance level to which we aspire."

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