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November / December 2013

In this issue, we spotlight career opportunities in law enforcement and information technology. What these two fields have in common is the use of databases to accomplish their missions. Like military intelligence analysts, law-enforcement personnel use data to fight crime and profile bad guys. Likewise, there are very few IT projects or roles that do not include leveraging the power of data to achieve objectives.

With databases, size and quality are what matter. At RecruitMilitary, we are proud to host the largest and most effective sole-source database of career seekers who are military veterans. This means that employers, educational institutions, and franchisors that are serious about attracting, appreciating, and retaining the highest quality employees, students, and business partners have to look in only one place.

Furthermore, our database is growing at a tremendous rate. At this writing, the last calendar week began on Sunday, September 30, and concluded on Saturday, October 5. During that week, 2,536 men and women registered in our database, an average of 362 per day. For the five work days of that week, the average was 429 registrations.

Thousands of employers search our large and growing database. And you, the veteran career seeker, simply must be present to be found. Think about it: If you were looking for a specific tool, would you go to The Home Depot or a local convenience store?

Law enforcement has long been a logical next career for veterans. The camaraderie and mission-first posture of law-enforcement agencies are obviously attractive to those who have worn a military uniform. Keep in mind that today’s police organizations are a lot more than just beat cops and SWAT teams. There are abundant opportunities in many functions that might not be obvious at first glance. Likewise, IT is no longer just coding. IT includes security, customer service, and project management, among other roles. Veterans are great fits for all.

The New Year is almost upon us. Good luck with realizing your career goals; and, as always, look to RecruitMilitary to steer you to the best opportunities for your future.

Best wishes.

Peter A. Gudmundsson

CEO and President, RecruitMilitary


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