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Protecting Training Investments While Protecting Clients

November 8, 2015

Published on Association for Talent Development website
By Jennifer J. Salopek

U.S. Security Associates Inc.: 2015 BEST Award Winner, #21

Talent development is considered a competitive advantage for the company and a retention tool for over 50,000 employees.

Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States, the guard services industry has experienced an upward trend in professionalism as clients have increased their expectations beyond physical monitoring. Many require security personnel who can use sophisticated technology, perform emergency medical services, respond to terror attacks, and react to pandemic outbreaks.

However, these mounting expectations exist in conflict with the erosion of margins and downward pressure on pricing. Employee training and development often is identified for spending cuts in this unregulated industry. For companies such as Georgia-based U.S. Security Associates, talent development investment must be smart, strategic, and stretched.

"We have to find technological solutions that automate corporate processes, including training, and create checks and balances to allow managers and supervisors to be more productive. We are challenged to create not only training curriculum but an effective delivery mechanism to distribute that curriculum and track the results," says Robert Lowrey, manager of the training academy at U.S. Security Associates.

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