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Contributing To the Security of Your Environment

July 31, 2015

Published in the Wisconsin Chapter Community Associations Institute Magazine
By Steven Siegel, U.S. Security Associates

"We are all responsible for our families’ and communities’ safety and security."

We need to be concerned about the goings on around us. How can we approach and handle situations and how can we assist our communities in becoming safer areas to inhabit? As you choose to live where you do, it is your responsibility to love and care about your family, neighbors and neighborhood and to respond to situations whenever persons, situations or incidents arise or occur that could pose harm, vandalism, theft or injury to property and/or people. Unfortunately, police and private security can’t be everywhere at all times. If you see something – say something. Do not hesitate to call security or the police.

The pertinent question for most of us is not how, but what will happen should you encounter a situation where life or property is threatened? In truth, if we prepare before the situation occurs, we may be able to eliminate the opportunity for the situation having a negative outcome.

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