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October 26, 2013
UCLA Extension’s Seminar on Crisis Management & Communications: Safeguarding Image and Viability

William Besse, Vice President, Consulting & Investigations is a guest speaker at UCLA Extension’s seminar on Crisis Management & Communications: Safeguarding Image and Viability. Besse’s lecture, "We Must Be Ready – Managing Risk in a Dangerous World," focuses on the operational aspects of the crisis communications topic. Besse shares real life experiences managing man-made and natural disasters, incidents involving violence, criminal acts and terrorism, cyber stalking and computer intrusions. Referencing the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, the Edward Snowden Wiki Leak Espionage case, the Kenyan Mall attack, the Boston Marathon bombing and the Hurricane Sandy Disaster, Besse discusses lessons learned and best practices that can be blended into crisis planning, management and business continuity.

Besse’s presentation is part of a multi-week UCLA Extension symposium, designed for corporate, healthcare, and nonprofit executives, crisis management and security service professionals, and others who are responsible for managing crisis situations that could threaten an organization’s image and viability.

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