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August 13-16, 2013
ATAP's 23rd Annual Threat Management Conference, Anaheim, CA

Representatives from our Consulting and Investigations division will participate in the 2013 Threat Management Conference, an annual event held by the Association of Threat Management Professionals (ATAP). ATAP's 23rd Annual Threat Management Conference is scheduled to take place from August 13th to August 16th in Anaheim, CA.   

ATAP's membership of law enforcement and private sector professionals shares information, tools and resources about management of threatening or high-risk situations and protection of those in need. ATAP's annual Threat Management Conference provides a platform for the exchange of experience and assessment/intervention techniques. As the top security company for workplace violence solutions, we are consulted hundreds of times every year on risks of potential violence, meaning we have much to contribute at the 2013 Threat Management Conference, and much to gain from the contributions of others.

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