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DEA Conferences, Washington, DC

Representatives from our Consulting and Investigations division will attend two Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) conferences in Washington, DC during 2013.  An expert on the team will be presenting to Thomas Kubic, the president of the Pharmaceutical Security Institute (PSI). PSI is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting public health, sharing information on counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals and initiating enforcement actions through appropriate authorities. PSI's membership includes the security directors of 25 pharmaceutical manufacturers from many nations.

Our Consulting and Investigations team has substantial, specialized expertise to share in every aspect of pharmaceutical security solutions, from undercover and "sting" operations targeting pharmaceutical product diversion and counterfeiting to supply chain logistics security, management of threats from animal-rights and other activist groups, and management of difficult or remote terminations, including secure retrieval of company assets. We have also managed or led teams for over 1,000 meeting and event security details and over 1,100 security escort operations on loads and convoys of pharmaceutical cargo in transit.

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