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D.C. Page, Senior Vice President, Consulting and Investigations, is engaged to speak on the topic of "Enhancing Executive Protection by Monitoring Social Media." Session speakers include the U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms, an analytics company CEO, and national and private security consultants. Together these experts will address key challenges inherent to social media monitoring and analysis specific to individuals, and they will explore technical approaches for incorporating social media monitoring and analysis into a comprehensive protection portfolio.

Ray O'Hara, Senior Vice President, International Consulting and Investigations, will explore topics of interest to today's CSOs at select ASIS seminars in 2013. In November, O'Hara was a featured presenter at "VII México West ASIS Security Congress 2012." He led a session on The Evolving Role of the Chief Security Officer, where he discussed the skills and competencies essential for top security executives. O'Hara also led a session focused on CSO subject matter at the 2012 ASIS Seminar and Exhibits in Philadelphia. 2013 presentation dates, locations and session times to be announced.

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