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Case Study - Measure of Success

USA Streamlines Security Solutions by Advancing Technology

Our Customers

Through U.S. Security Associates' (USA) advanced Tour Positive® technology, well-known distributors and manufacturers of chemical, material, and temperature-controlled goods are offered peace of mind through automated and accurate updates from secure devices.

The Challenge

Retail and supply chain customers depend on technological development for the safe storage and delivery of perishable and volatile products. But temperature-controlled machinery and storage devices are always subject to malfunction, and mechanical failure can result in crippling loss of goods or dangerous chemical leaks. Reliance on manual checks risks human error and increases the amount of costly labor needed, and written instructions and checklists for machinery are unreliable in the face of unexpected breakdowns or technical glitches.

Our Solution

Using Tour Positive®, we were able to offer our customers security solutions for more effective monitoring of mechanical system compliance and security coverage. In each case, we completed a full assessment of the customer's security needs and leveraged our innovative and customizable technology development with our trusted service professionals.   Our security workforce at these sites was outfitted with top-of-the-line Tour Positive® devices and trained on equipment function, monitoring processes and expectations as part of site-specific post orders.

While at the client site, USA officers scan strategically placed barcodes with the Tour Positive® device, which then sends updates to our 24/7 command center. Clients can add any equipment to the officer's tour circuit, enabling real-time updates on equipment readings, such as freezer or gauge readings. The system offers proprietary web access to real-time tour data, immediate alerts for unusual readings or officer inactivity, and instant supervisor dispatch for any alerts generated.

For each customer, we optimized security technology, using reliable Tour Positive® system to ensure accuracy while reducing manpower and cost, thus adding value to the program without sacrificing security.

Count On USA For Results

USA was able to effectively use the Tour Positive® technology to supplement our uniformed security services for clients in a variety of industries:

Real Time Tour Monitoring

  • Tour Positive® was used to track the scheduled tours of loss prevention officers at a large grocery chain, guaranteeing that costly merchandise was frequently monitored for maximum protection.
  • At a national department store, the technology was used monthly to inspect fire extinguishers for correct function and storage.

Fire Extinguisher Monitoring & OSHA Compliance

  • A worldwide distributor of paper products enlisted USA to complete OSHA-compliant fire equipment inspections. Tour Positive® replaced an outdated paper system to add efficiency and allow for more effective distribution of documents and findings.

Equipment & Out of Tolerance Monitoring

  • The devices were used to trigger temperature alarm emails to company management at a beef processor, alerting them to any change in equipment before it threatened the product.
  • USA utilized Tour Positive® for an internationally known aluminum producer to monitor high-pressure equipment around the clock. This precise management mitigated extreme risk to plant employees through routine readings and updates.
  • For an auto parts manufacturer, the devices monitored sensitive boiler units, instantly alerting key personnel if Tour Positive® detected irregular readings.
  • Officers also used Tour Positive® to check for correct freezer temperatures hourly to ensure the product remained within correct temperature range.
  • For a major supplier of frozen food, vital delivery truck temperatures were monitored using Tour Positive®; the program caught all mechanical issues, thus saving the client tens of thousands of dollars in expired food cost.

Chemical Levels

  • Security officers entered the daily level of nitrogen shown in the holding tank for a national poultry processor into the device, which then e-mailed maintenance personnel so they always knew when to order more nitrogen.

Environmental Compliance

  • Tour Positive® was routinely used to establish environmental safety at a specialty chemicals developer by allowing officers to gauge emissions levels based on smoke stack color.

Why Choose U.S. Security Associates?

Our vision is to be the best security company in the United States using a unique formula of service and technology to achieve our mission of delivering excellence and value to our customers. 

U.S. Security Associates operates under the belief that security is not a commodity, but an essential part of our clients' enterprise objectives, and we work with our clients to provide holistic solutions that mitigate risk. Our focus is not on increased man-hours, but on increased value to our clients through integrated services and an enterprise security approach.

U.S. Security Associates is an experienced, accountable, industry-leading full service provider of contract security services, consulting and investigations, and executive protection services. Our approach to security solutions integrates strategy, people, technology, and process for effective protection of personal and physical assets around the world.

Key Benefits

  • Focus on customer relationships, value and quality

  • Leading-edge security management technology that optimizes services and enforces accountability

  • Responsive and accountable management team

  • Proven professional training -ranked one of the world's 30 best training and development companies by ATD and listed as a Training magazine Top 125 training company for the eighth consecutive year

  • Formal quality management system that ensures preventative and corrective action processes

About U.S. Security Associates

U.S. Security Associates (USA) is the market-leading, wholly-owned American, full-service safety and security solutions provider. With over 160 locally-responsive offices, international locations and over 50,000 dedicated professionals, they offer the most complete array of physical security, remote surveillance, and global consulting and investigations to ensure better outcomes for thousands of clients and a range of industries. Innovative applications of leading-edge, proprietary technology enable USA to rank annually among the world's best training companies, sustain the highest standards of quality, and underscore world-class customer service with unparalleled accountability. USA's rise as one of the largest innovative security solutions leaders is a natural byproduct of these differentiators and enables the company to provide the most Safe. Secure. Friendly.® environments for people, assets, and brands. For more information, visit www.ussecurityassociates.com.

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