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As drivers of the United States economy and job market, domestic mine operations are squarely in the public spotlight. Mining operations have exposures to a variety of security and safety risks, ranging from petty theft and workplace violence to accidents and injuries. U.S. Security Associates (USA) is an experienced security and safety partner for domestic mining clients. With expertise targeted to your unique risk profile, we can help you optimize security and safety across your operations from underground control rooms to aboveground access points and all points in between.

USA security officers assigned to domestic mining sites are trained through both the award-winning USA Security Academy and a rigorous site-specific curriculum to minimize site risks and hazards and manage threats effectively, in compliance with Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. Typically, our domestic mine security and safety programs feature expert instructors who conduct hazard training to ensure that every guest and vendor visiting the site is informed of site hazards and safety precautions. For officers selected as Weighmasters, we provide specialized training and certification in operating scales and inspecting all inbound, outbound, and internal trucks.
Officers are trained to exacting procedures developed to protect mine sites from theft of valuable commodities, including aboveground natural resources. Responsibility for safeguarding client-owned outdoor assets may include anything from protecting lakes from overfishing and defending land from poachers to preventing theft of pine straw and providing a visible security presence to deter thieves targeting coal at barge load-out facilities. We are strategic in our approach to identifying risks and hardening security postures accordingly. For instance, because mining equipment often makes heavy use of copper and other metals, we plan deployments and patrols to maximize security presence in areas known to be vulnerable to copper theft. USA Security Academy training ensures that security officers are adept at writing reports that accurately capture key details of daily activities and incidents to aid in investigations of crimes and accidents.
With the increasing focus on workplace violence prevention in virtually every industry today, we have partnered with many domestic mine owners in the implementation of programs and practices to prevent workplace violence. We can provide employee awareness and crisis team training, direct interventions, and personal protection including executive transport of visitors to mines and special event security coverage during board and stockholder meetings. In crisis situations, the USA emergency response team is on call to deliver immediate assistance in concert with the efforts of on-site officers who are routinely drilled on procedures to be followed in the event of illness, accident, disaster, or violent attack.

From site safety to property and personal protection, we understand the challenges involved in maintaining safety and security at domestic mine sites, and we have the resources and expertise to deliver a full range of solutions to meet your needs.

  • Control Room Operations
  • Cargo Inspection
  • Property Theft Prevention
  • Emergency Response
  • Personal Protection and Transport
  • MSHA & OSHA Enforcement

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