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Markets Served

Markets Served

USA serves clients in a diverse range of clients and industries, including:

Aviation Services

U.S. Security Associates (USA) has developed an expertise in Aviation Services security that makes us uniquely qualified to handle your supply chain asset protection needs.

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Commercial Real Estate

We have developed a comprehensive service package that fulfills the unique needs of today's property manager that far exceed typical security services, yet are more efficient and cost effective, while delivering exceptional levels of service.

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Concierge Service Program

Our Premier Concierge Service Program provides security officers with advanced training in customer service and hospitality..

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Data Centers

In recent years, data centers have morphed from outsourced storage facilities to pillars of growth and productivity, necessitating progressively higher levels of security to guard against evolving threats.

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Domestic Mining

As drivers of the United States economy and job market, domestic mine operations are squarely in the public spotlight. Mining operations have exposures to a variety of security and safety risks, ranging from petty theft and workplace violence to accidents and injuries.

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Educational Institutions

Our focus at institutions of higher learning is to ensure the personal safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors, as well as property protection.

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Energy Infrastructure

U.S. Security Associates protects the infrastructure that brings electricity into our homes and workplaces, helping keep the nation's energy delivery system secure, resilient, and reliable.

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Financial Institutions

Protecting a facility, monitoring activity in and around the premises, maintaining critical operations during an emergency — we provide all of those security solutions and more.

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Global & National Accounts

U.S. Security Associates provides security services and consulting and investigations solutions throughout the world, with a holistic approach that ensures consistency of service across your portfolio.

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Government Facilities

We have extensive experience in providing service at government facilities that are comprised of large acreages, and serving multiple government agencies.

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Health Care

Today's healthcare facilities have to be prepared to handle the worst of all situations, and our officers are completely prepared to provide the support and protection the medical profession needs in dealing with everything from disasters to the mundane.

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Hotels & Hospitality

U.S. Security Associates (USA) understands the pressures placed on hotel managers to provide a heightened level of security combined with superior customer service to guests and visitors, while at the same time ensuring optimization of resources for the best value.

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Valet Services

Our Valet Services professionals are trained security officers who specialize in customer service U.S. Security Associates (USA) provides valet parking services across America at hospitals and medical centers, hotels, upscale retail centers, residential properties, and for special events — wherever hospitality skills are of paramount importance.

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Industrial & Manufacturing

With everything from injuries to security breaches to loss prevention, manufacturing and industrial facilities face huge potential losses and liabilities every day.

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Often a company's greatest asset is its product inventory. Distribution facilities tend to be highly vulnerable to lax oversight, leading to easy accessibility and a high loss rate.

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Cargo Security

From low-risk route planning to cargo escorts to advanced monitoring technologies, U.S. Security Associates (USA) provides effective solutions for freight security from coast to coast.

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Maritime Security

U.S. Security Associates offers a broad range of onboard vessel and shore-side maritime security services, from emergency response planning to port maritime and vessel security services; with thorough knowledge of this unique environment.

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Media & Entertainment

There are no fields exactly like the entertainment and media industries. They benefit from — and endure— the world's spotlight like no other; they produce and market creativity, not assembly-line products; and they have more individuals in the public eye than does any other field.

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Mixed-Use Properties

U.S. Security Associates specializes in providing security and hospitality services at mixed-use developments combining retail, residential, and/or office space.

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Patrol Service

Patrol security service is an affordable alternative to on-site security with a similar scope of work: to deter property loss, vandalism, and trespassing, and to observe and report unsafe conditions, hazards, and security violations. 

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There is no area more important to our nation than its critical infrastructure, highlighted by its oil and gas and energy-related producing facilities. They present both conventional and unique security challenges.

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The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most diverse fields, encompassing research, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing, with a broad range of potential security vulnerabilities.

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Residential Communities

Residential security is equal parts security service and customer service. Property developers, owners, and managers requireprofessional security planning and protection to minimize risks of theft, vandalism, property damage, and litigation.

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Retirement Communities

Our security officers serving senior living communities deliver blended security and hospitality services to ensure resident safety, well-being, and satisfaction.

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Shopping Malls & Centers

U.S. Security Associates delivers an integrated approach to security that meets both the conventional and extended security needs of retail property owners and managers, including a customer-specific hospitality program.

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The importance of technology to industry, communications, and national defense makes technology security sensitive on a national scale, and the creative processes which give rise to new technology products and services are themselves at risk.

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