Tactical Avenues is a tactical training organization comprised of full-time tactical operators (Current SWAT Team Leaders - Los Angeles), investigative and security professionals, who are driven to provide law enforcement, military, and qualified security personnel the most comprehensive and effective training available. Everyone of our instructors are leaders in their fields of expertise.

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SWAT Training

Tactical Avenues offers SWAT courses that are instructed by SWAT Team Leaders from Los Angeles, who all have personal knowledge and experience employing the tactics and methods used in our curriculum in real-world SWAT operations.

All courses can be customized to meet any specialized needs of the student/Dept.

(Law Enforcement/Military Only)

Private Instruction

Tactical Avenues is more than happy to accommodate individual private instruction for you or your own private group. Private instruction is available in all Tactical Avenues courses.

Firearms Training

(No Felony Convictions, No Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Convictions, Criminal Background Check Required)

Mission Specific Training

Additional Courses / Services