On-Site Training

Custom Video Production

One of the unique aspects of Andrews International Training Center is its ability to produce high quality videos. Our production team has state of the art production equipment, animation technology and the collective creative talent to produce any type of video that is needed by the client or customer. We have produced a vast library of standard security training videos that can be purchased directly from the Training Center to meet your needs.

We also specialize in producing customized training videos that meet the unique and specific needs of the client/customer. Our production team will sit down with you and plan your video's layout concept, script, filming schedule, budget and any other special requests that you may have for your video.

We have produced security training and promotional videos for clients such as, Tiffany & Co. (English and Japanese), Simon Malls, Empire State Building, NVIDIA, and Southern California Braiding just to name a few. We can also customize your security training videos so that your company and your security officers are the ones being featured in the production.

Whether your production needs are simple, complex or customized, Andrews International Training Center will rise to the occasion and produce quality state of the art videos that are exactly what you need to get your job done.

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