On-Site Training

O.C. Spray Training

Andrews International Training Center provides training with O.C. Spray (Oleoresin Capsicum). The training includes practical classroom instruction, video instruction and the issuance of a lifetime certification card upon successful completion. This class is designed to give any person the ability to defend themselves with more than their physical strength. Exposure to chemical agents during training is voluntary.

Subjects covered are:
  • History of pepper extracts as a weapon
  • O.C. spray chemical composition
  • Physiological affects
  • First Aid after employment of O.C.
  • Use of O.C. in varied situations
  • Force Continuum and O.C. spray
  • Effective ranges
  • Target areas
  • Methods of deployment
$50 for O.C. certification

Call the training department at (818) 942-6611 for information and course registration.
All students MUST Pre-register; No walk-ins.
To register online, please complete the online course registration form.