On-Site Training

Monadnock Defensive Tactics System (M.D.T.S.)

Unarmed security officers need to know how to protect themselves and others from aggressive and noncompliant individuals without the aid of forceful equipment. M.D.T.S. is an integrative approach to dealing with a subject who is non-compliant and unarmed, but offering resistance to being arrested or who is trying to assault a citizen, officer or officers. The foundation of M.D.T.S. is the escort position. Officers will learn several methods to move to a position of advantage and from there secure one of two escort positions.

Students will learn how to handcuff compliant and non-compliant subjects and learn how to deflect an attack through instinctive one and two-hand blocking techniques. These defensive maneuvers are designed to neutralize the attack (not the attacker).

M.D.T.S. is a principle-based system that functions in three defensive positions: standing, kneeling and on the ground. Students will be taught to quickly perform active defensive skills while on the ground, kneeling and/or standing. The student will be able to effectively perform blocks in all three defensive positions. M.D.T.S. is a proven basic defensive tactics system that can be performed by officers regardless of size or gender.

$350 Instructor Course (2 Days)

$275 Basic Course

10% Group discount (5 or more from the same company)

Call the training department at (818) 942-6611 for information and course registration.
All students MUST Pre-register; No walk-ins.
To register online, please complete the online course registration form.