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Firearm Sales

  • A.I.T.C. can order any California approved firearm within 1-2 days.
  • We are an authorized Glock, H&K, Smith& Wesson, SIG, FN and Remington Shotgun distributor.
  • We have many models available at our facility with a "try before you buy" rent option of a desired firearm for use at our firing range before purchase.
  • Our mark up is under 10% over wholesale before tax and Dealer Registration of Sale (DROS).
  • We handle private party and out of State transfers.
  • We have a licensed in-house Glock armorer.
  • We will appraise any firearm at a very reasonable price.
  • We can SAVE YOU MONEY if you want to buy a firearm! Please call before buying a firearm anywhere else!

We Sell Firearms

April Sale Coupons

Come visit our store in Burbank, California to see all we have to offer! We can sell any California legal firearm and ship to anywhere in the U.S. We have handguns, rifles, shotguns, black powder firearms, ammunition, reloading equipment, firearm accessories, knives, optical equipment, gun cleaning supplies and more, all at INCREDIBLE prices. Advertised prices do not include applicable taxes, FFL transfer fees or shipping and handling unless noted otherwise.
All sales over $150 ship FREE!

*10% Employee Discount excludes firearms and services. Employees receive free range time, free gun rentals, and pay only $25 for B.S.I.S. requalifications.
† Product availability subject to limited global supplies.

Call (818) 942-6576 or (818) 942-6623 for firearm information and prices.

Notes & Links

View the Handgun Safety Certificate Study Guide (PDF) to help individuals prepare for the Handgun Safety Certificate Test.

An explanation of the handgun safety demonstration can be found starting on page 45 of the Handgun Safety Certificate Study Guide (same link as above).

Office of the Attorney General, State of California HSC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)