On-Site Training

Defensive Awareness for Women

On the National average a woman is raped every 12 seconds. In a single year, over 90,000 women in the United States report a rape to law enforcement officials. A 1993 study revealed that women most likely to be raped or harmed were those who did not fight back.

This course will teach women how to trust their instincts, develop awareness and a mindset for their situation. They will learn how to plan ahead by avoiding various dangerous situations as well as learn what the "red and dead zones" are and how they apply.

The Awareness for Women course is about preparation and being mentally and physically prepared. The student does not have to be a martial artist to learn the simple techniques of self-defense. This program was designed to assist women in recognizing potential threats and being ready to react to them with confidence, knowledge, and ability.

$55 for two-hour course

Call the training department at (818) 942-6611 for information and course registration.
All students MUST Pre-register; No walk-ins.
To register online, please complete the online course registration form.